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Owner, Pilot


Like any true aviator, Bruce McLean will always remember his first flight that sparked his love for flying. In the small two seater aircraft, he took in the scenery below and knew then that he wanted to pursue a life-long career in aviation. His 20s were spent in the air whenever he had the opportunity, flying throughout Northern Colorado where he attended Colorado University and then the Northern California Bay Area where he moved following college. While his days were spent working in software development and insurance risk management, his free time was spent flying Part 91 scenic flights in his first aircraft purchase, a Cessna 206. With true entrepreneurial spirit, Bruce expanded his business to flying sky divers and aerial cremation ceremonies before he obtained his charter certificate and brought on his first Pilatus. In his own words “I took a sabbatical to fly the PC-12 and 22 years later I’m still on sabbatical.”

Today Bruce has logged over 15,000 hours in the Pilatus and AirSF has grown its PC-12 Fleet to multiple Bay Area locations and recently launched AirSV based in Sun Valley, Idaho. Bruce has modeled AirSF after his role model, a maverick in the airline industry and co-founder of Southwest Airlines, Herb Kelleher. Bruce is still actively involved in daily operations and takes a hands-on approach to selecting his team. Overseeing the hiring process for his crew, Bruce ensures that each team member fits the company’s standards and vision of qualified and polite professionals. Safety is at the forefront of all that AirSF does which reflects in the lack of an accident or incident since the company’s launch.

As President and Director of Operations, Bruce can still be found as Pilot in Command some days while others he works with his dispatch and sales team on business development and scheduling. He and his wife Jill, moved to Sun Valley, Idaho in 2018 where they reside with their daughter Karlin and Bernese Mountain Dog, Rosie. Bruce’s passion is the outdoors and on his days off can be found skiing, mountain biking, water skiing, diving and golfing. He and Jill place a large emphasis on giving back to their community participating in philanthropic events and fundraisers and he recently obtained his EMT.


Rich Andron

Chief Pilot

Adam Fichtelman, Pilot .jpg

Adam Fichtelman


Kelly 2.jpg

Kelly Attaie

Manager of Flight Operations/FAA Dispatcher


Cameron Boyer



Meed Geary


Kristen .jpg

Kristen Stimpert

Business Development/Pilot


Mat Shezifi


Adam S..jpg

Adam Smith



Maddy Rhodes

Charter Scheduler

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